CADDY is always looking to innovate, listening to its customers and designing solutions that respond to their needs. That’s precisely what CADDY did when creating the TSR-1220.

The TSR-1220 is CADDY’s newest telescoping strut replacement and the successor to the TSR-200. It’s ready to go right out of the box (no cutting required), can be extended to lengths between 12 and 20 inches, and features:

  • Retained hardware.
  • A spring-steel retainer strap.
  • A standard strut profile running the length of the bracket to accept all of your preferred fittings (twist-in fittings, four-piece strut clamps, etc.).

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CADDY’s TSR-1220 is suitable for any electrical, mechanical, or data application—ensuring streamlined installations, simplified integrations, maximum efficiency, and real cost savings for every project.

Watch this video from CADDY to see for yourself how easy the TSR-1220 is to assemble, use, and customize:

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