This year, Walter has introduced a number of products to its lineup including grinding wheels, finishing discs and drums, and cleaning products. One of the innovations we have been especially excited about is Walter’s new Ironman™ grinders, which are now available at Fastening House!
The Ironman™ family includes two tools—the flagship Ironman™ and the Ironman™ PS:

Ironman™ (P/N 30A560)

Walter’s Ironman™ grinder boasts an ergonomic rat-tail design, a 6” wheel capacity, and delivers 1,750 watts of power. It also features a Walter Stabilizer™, which reduces vibrations to extend the life and removal rates of your abrasives by as much as 30 percent.

The Ironman™ grinder is ideal for use with strenuous and prolonged applications and, when combined with Walter’s abrasives, is one of its most productive grinding systems available.

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Ironman™ PS (P/N 30A563)

The Ironman™ PS provides many of the same things as the Ironman™—1,750 watts of power, Walter Stabilizer™ technology, and more—but includes a few additional safety features, most notably the paddle switch and mechanical brakeAfter you relieve the trigger, these work together to stop grinding wheels from turning within two seconds and cutting wheels within only 1.5 seconds.

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Description Ironman™ Ironman™ PS
Model Name 6560A 6563A
Order No. 30-A 560 30-A 563
Anti-Vibration Side Handle

Safety Clutch


QUICK-R™ Instant Release Function
Tool-Free Rotating Guard
Non-Locking Paddle Switch ×
Mechanical Brake System × 2-second brake system
AC/DC Compatibility AC compatibility only AC compatibility only
Restart Protection
RPM Monitoring
LED Indicator
Spindle Thread 5/8”-11 5/8”-11
RPM No-Load 9,600 9,600
Amperage 14.5 A 14.5 A
Power 1,750 W 1,750 W
Tool Weight 6.2 lbs 6.2lbs
Maximum Wheel Diameter 6” 6”


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