The most important assets on any jobsite are the people, which is why safety always needs to be an integral part of your day-to-day operations. This is especially the case for anyone involved in the construction industry.

Although the sector comprises only about 7% of provincial employment, it’s where roughly 30% of all work-related fatalities occur in Ontario.

For instance, working at height has many unique risks, but height safety is not just about the risk of working at height. Objects dropped from height pose a unique risk, potentially injuring workers and others at a worksite. Dropped objects can also result in equipment damage and tool loss. These hazards, however, are often overlooked when considering workplace safety. Remember, fall protection is about protecting you, but dropped object prevention is about protecting those around you.

Knowing where to start can be tough. At Fastening House, we work with safety departments to help identify need and standardize safety equipment offerings to ensure workers have everything they need to protect themselves and those around them. Want to learn more? Contact us to get started.

3M Fall Protection3m

3M offers a broad range of products to help workers stay safe when working at height.

Some of 3M’s offerings include:

DeWalt Industrial Tool GroupDeWalt Logo

DeWalt’s Lanyard ReadyTM cordless products and connection options help workers tether corded and cordless tools to rigid structures.

Click here to learn more about DeWalt’s Lanyard ReadyTM offerings.

Milwaukee Toolmilwaukee

Milwaukee has introduced a new line of tool lanyards and lanyard accessories to keep workers safe without hindering their productivity.

Some of Milwaukee’s offerings include:

  • Locking Tool Lanyard
  • Extended Reach Locking Tool Lanyard
  • Locking Tool Lanyard
  • Quick-Connect Locking Tool Lanyard
  • 3pc 10lb. Quick-Connect Accessory
  • 12ft Self-Adhering Tape
  • 5pc 5lb. D-Ring Attachment
  • D-Ring Attachment
  • 5pc 2lb 2” Split Ring

Click here to learn more about Milwaukee and see their full product offering.

Ergodyneergodyne logo

Ergodyne offers a broad range of products to help workers keep themselves and those around them safe when working at height.

Click here to learn more about Ergodyne’s product offerings.

It’s Time to Get Started with Tool Tethering

Tool tethering is a simple solution that can minimize safety risk because it gets to the root of the problem by preventing objects from being dropped in the first place. It’s hard to know where to start, but your journey to zero drops per year may be easier than you think.

For more information about what tool tethering equipment is right for your jobsite, feel free to contact us.

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