One of Fasteninghouse’s mainstay partners is Eaton, a world leader in providing power management technologies that solve electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power management challenges.

Eaton’s B-Line Series of strut channel systems provides a broad range of products used in facility sub-systems in commercial, industrial, oil and gas, mining and data centre applications – all supported by Eaton’s experienced sales engineers and customer care teams.

The B-Line series includes a full line of solid channel, slotted hole (SH), long slotted hole (S) and other hole patterns, along with a full line of fittings, clamps, strut supports and accessories in a wide variety of materials and protective finishes.

  • Strut racking systems
  • Pipe and conduit support
  • HVAC duct support
  • Ceiling grids
  • Machine guarding
  • Panel stands

Strut channel systems provide engineers and contractors with electrical strut support, mechanical channel support or data communication support that meet the most demanding construction environments and standards.

Eaton recently published a white paper explaining how the B-Line Series reduces installation time, cost, and complexity based on challenges such as space limitations and structural obstructions, frequency of supports and load, product selection, and labour costs.

Space Limitations and Structural Obstructions

Getting systems from one place to another is proving more difficult than ever. Contractors must often deal with shrinking cubic areas, especially when trying to find space for mounting items, such as piping, duct, electrical conduits, cable trays, or data cabling.

Limitations due to architectural design or other obstructions increase the complexity of systems, and often leave the contractor with fewer options.

Eaton strut systems offer solutions to space limitations and structural obstructions:

  • Multi-sided functionality struts, which drives flexibility and space saving opportunities.
  • Reduced overall height of the channel when using the 4Dimensiuon strut as a substitute for traditional back-to-back struts.
  • Option to build instant back-to-back or side-by-side with 4Dimension dove-tail bar.

Frequency of Supports and Load

The responsibility to determine the correct loading calculation has shifted to the contractor in recent years. Specifications, as well as guidelines and standards contained within the applicable building codes, often determine maximum support spacing. Care must be taken to help ensure the application of the specification does not conflict with the loading capabilities of the chosen products.

Eaton strut systems provide the flexibility and strength required to address these requirements:

  • Users have the ability to mount items over and under the channel, reducing the length of the strut required. This shorter channel has a higher uniform load capacity, allowing greater support span without the added cost of a back-to-back channel.
  • The 4Dimension system has a 10% higher uniform load rating than traditional channels.

Product Selection

Product selection is critical in minimizing installation time, cost, and complexity. Traditional strut configurations typically drive costs up, since they can only offer support from the continuous slot side of the strut channel.

Eaton strut systems have a unique profile, multi-sided functionality, and innovative time-saving accessories. These features result in cost-savings for common and speciality applications without compromising  functionality or quality.

  • Works with 2 ½” diameter and smaller pipe, which is the most commonly installed pipe in a commercial structure.
  • Is compatible with up to 90% of current traditional strut fittings.
  • Available in pre-galvanized, hot galvanized dip, DuraGreen, and stainless steel 304 and 316.

Labour Costs

Labour can represent up to 70% of the total cost of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, depending on the project configuration. Choosing the right products for a project can be balancing act between performance and budget.

Eaton strut systems reduce overall installation costs, so you can use the highest quality products without compromising on budget.

Eaton strut systems cost-savings features:

  • Multi-sided functionality, allowing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing applications to use the same supports, thereby reducing installation time and materials.
  • Trapeze hanger design, allowing for quicker installation and reduced labour costs.
  • Optionable prefabricated parts, which makes it easier to lift and secure into place, further reducing installation time and labour costs.

The Bottom Line

Eaton’s B-Line Series Strut systems offer the flexibility and ease of use that ultimately lowers total installation time and labour costs. This results in more profitable projects for owners, designers, and contractors.

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