Superior Glove’s products are made to handle anything contractors throw at them—from sharp objects to slippery surfaces and everything in between—without sacrificing on comfort.

Until the end of July, Fastening House has secured exclusive pricing on select Superior Glove TenActive™, Dexterity®, Clutch Gear®, and KeepKleen® products. Contact your rep today to learn more!

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TenActive™ (#S18TAGGFN)

18-Gauge Composite Filament Fiber Cut-Resistant Green Hi-Viz Glove with Foam Nitrile Palms

These 18-gauge composite filament fiber gloves are made with high-strength TenActive™ yarn, which delivers impressive cut resistance, and a foam nitrile palm coating to increase grip in slick conditions. They are silicone and lint-free and touchscreen compatible.

Dexterity® (#S13KFNT)

Kevlar®/Composite String Knit Glove with Nitrile Palms

Superior Glove’s Kevlar®/composite gloves have been ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and dexterity. They are resistant to abrasions, cuts, punctures, and oil and have a tough nitrile coating.

TenActive™ (#S13TAFGPU)

Composite Knit Cut-Resistant Gloves with Polyurethane Palms

Created with 13-gauge lint-free continuous filament yarn, these gloves have an ANSI rating of level A3 for cut resistance and are ergonomically formed to let users move comfortably. The black polyurethane coating is non-shedding and provides a high coefficient of friction.

Dexterity® (#S10LXQ)

10-Gauge Cotton/Poly Economy Knit with Latex Palm

This glove is the ideal general-purpose choice. It features a puncture-resistant latex coating and pairs a comfortable, ergonomic shape with excellent grip.

Clutch Gear® (#MXGCE)

Goatskin Mechanics Glove

These gloves have a goatskin palm with split-leather patches to make them durable, strong, and resistant to abrasion. The foam laminated spandex backs stretch, allowing wearers to move freely, while the ergonomic shape provides all-day comfort. They even have an ID label to minimize the risk of loss.

 KeepKleen® (#RDNUTBL)

3.5-Mil Fine-Touch Black Powder-Free Nitrile Disposable Gloves

These industrial-grade 3.5ml-thin nitrile gloves deliver better touch sensitivity than standard 4.5 or 8ml-thick gloves and are the best choice when it comes to puncture resistance. They are ambidextrous, powder-free for sensitive skin, and are ergonomically shaped to reduce hand fatigue.

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