Walter’s new Ironman™ grinders are engineered to deliver heavy-duty performance for heavy-duty applications. For a limited time, we’re giving away a free pair of Walter gloves with every Ironman™ grinder purchase:

  • Walter’s industrial work gloves are made with 100% black goatskin leather.
  • They feature a neoprene insert to minimize vibrations.
  • The thumb curve is made with Kevlar, an impact and slip-resistant material.

This offer is only available at Fastening House, so don’t wait—contact us now to place your order!

Walter’s Ironman™ Grinders: Heavy-Duty Tools for Heavy-Duty Applications

The Ironman™ family includes two tools:

  • Ironman™ (P/N 30A560): The flagship Ironman™ grinder is ideal for use with strenuous, prolonged applications. It boasts an ergonomic rat-tail design, features a Walter Stabilizer™ to reduce vibrations, delivers 1,750 watts of power, and has a 6” wheel capacity.
  • Ironman™ PS (P/N 30A563): The Ironman™ PS comes standard with what’s found in the Ironman™, but includes a few additional safety features. These include the mechanical switch and paddle brake, which work together after you release the trigger to stop grinding wheels within 2 seconds and cutting wheels within 1.5 seconds.

Check out our blog to see a full list of specs for each tool, and contact us to learn more or place an order!

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