Milwaukee is one of Fastening House’s most valuable partners with its heavy-duty tool product line.

Milwaukee is committed to all trades with a consistent focus on providing innovative, trade-specific solutions through their Job Site Solutions team. Milwaukee has a strong customer service focus and is committed to business strategies that enable customers to grow. They continue to be the leader in heavy-duty tool, standing behind their products with a strong warranty.

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Milwaukee Tool M28 SAWZALL

Product #: 0719-20

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$ 252.50/each

Milwaukee Tool M28 FUEL 1-1/8" SDS+ KIT

Product #: 0757-22

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$ 1,043.60/each

Milwaukee Tool M12 HAND VACUUM

Product #: 0850-20

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$ 112.80/each

Milwaukee Tool M18 COMPACT VACUUM

Product #: 0882-20

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$ 164.60/each

Milwaukee Tool M18 COMPACT BLOWER

Product #: 0884-20

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$ 139.80/each

Milwaukee Tool M18 FAN - BARE

Product #: 0886-20

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$ 109.00/each

Milwaukee Tool M18 LED HP STAND LIGHT

Product #: 2135-20

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$ 557.60/each

Milwaukee Tool LED HIGH BAY

Product #: 2155-AC

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$ 302.40/each


Product #: 2216-20

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$ 165.80/each

Milwaukee Tool M12 LASER TEMP GUN KIT

Product #: 2276-21

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$ 354.70/each


Product #: 2281-20

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$ 383.40/each

Milwaukee Tool M18 STICK LIGHT - BARE

Product #: 2352-20

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$ 116.30/each

Milwaukee Tool M12 SPOT LIGHT

Product #: 2353-20

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$ 106.80/each

Milwaukee Tool M18 HP LED FLOOD LIGHT

Product #: 2360-20

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$ 240.20/each

Milwaukee Tool M18 LED FLOOD LIGHT

Product #: 2361-20

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$ 151.10/each

Milwaukee Tool M12 SCREWDRIVER KIT

Product #: 2401-22

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$ 139.60/each

Milwaukee Tool M12 FUEL 5/8 SDS PLUS KIT

Product #: 2416-22XC

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$ 448.50/each

Milwaukee Tool 12V HACKZALL

Product #: 2420-20

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$ 125.80/each

Milwaukee Tool M12 BAND SAW

Product #: 2429-20

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$ 208.40/each

Milwaukee Tool M12 BAND SAW KIT

Product #: 2429-21XC

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$ 330.60/each

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