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Manufacturer: Sumner Product

Product #: 784310


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784310 - Lil' Hoister 2210 Lift

The double-masted 2210 Lift offers the capability of lifting light fixtures or AC units in low ceiling buildings. Its forks fit between most acoustical ceiling tiles.

2210 Lifts Specifications

Fork Height Stowed Dimensions Operating Dimensions Weight Lift
Per Foot
Up Down Height Length Width Length Width Max
Ft M Ft M In.  Cm.  In.  Cm.  In.  Cm.  In.  Cm.  In.  Cm.  Lb.  Kg.  Lb.  Kg.
11' 1/4" 3.4 10' 0" 3.0 70 178 13 33  26   66  41  104  31   79 108   49 300  135  8

The 2200 Lil' Hoister is one of our most versatile lifts useful for both industrial and business applications. We've designed it to be compact yet strong, transportable and able to handle bulky, heavy loads.

Just of few of the applications for the Lil’ Hoister:

  • HVAC compressor Installation
  • Loading and unloading equipment and material from service vehicles
  • Lifting electrical trays
  • Positioning pipe & ducts
  • Installing air conditioners
  • Loading office equipment in cars and vans
  • Handling machine parts and tooling
  • Loading equipment in rental yards
  • Hoisting small beams
  • Positioning hospital TVs
  • Hauling & lifting cement bags
  • Installing appliances
  • Removing electrical motors
  • Installing light fixtures
  • Cabinet installation

Standard Features

    winchsequence_med_1.jpg Fold-out Roller Wheels great for rolling lift in and out of vans & trucks
2200winch_standard.gif Two Speed Winch Handle allows the operator to raise and lower loads at standard speed (pictured to left) or at high speed (less than half the time of standard).  winchclose_med_2.jpg

Strap Feeds Away from the Operator – no more cable in the face. 1" nylon strap means no more cable kinks 


Pictured: High speed position for the two speed winch handle 


8" Non-marring Wheels

2200centerfold_lrg_2.jpg Mast Braces for extra strength and support  2200centerfold_lrg_4.jpg Dual I-beam Mast Design compact, light weight but strong
sumner_006_med_1.jpg Reversible Forks 
Two plunger pins permit quick release of forks. Forks may be removed for storage or reversed for added height.
s2200_f_revhandle.jpg Reversing Handle for convenient, out of the way storage 
s2200_f_doublec.jpg Double Row Casters 
Two 2" (5 cm) casters permit easy handling of heavy loads
legswideview_med_1.jpg Legs Extend for Greater Stability 
plunger pin action allows quick adjustment.
sumner_007_med_1.jpg Compact Storage 
Remove forks and reposition legs for space saving storage.

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