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Manufacturer: Greenlee

Product #: G1

Greenlee’s G1 Handheld Puller Reduces Physical Strain and Increases Productivity Emerson announced that they’re ready to release a new handheld puller to add to the Greenlee pulling lineup. The new Greenlee G1 Versi-Tugger speeds up pulling jobs by 68% when compared to manual pulling.


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  • Sub-Brand: Versi-Tugger
  • Type: Cable Puller
  • Application: Cable pulling
  • Cable Type: Electrical Cable
  • Cable Size: #14 - 1/0
  • Capacity: 1/2" - 4" Conduit
  • Load: 1,000 lb Peak Pulling Force
  • Voltage Rating: Compatible with most cordless drills up to 20V
  • Mounting: Handheld
  • Construction: Aluminum & Steel
  • Replacement Parts: G1-R11 - Input Adapter Kit, G1-R12 - Drill, Strap Kit, G1-R13 - Capstan Wall Kit, G1-R14 - Boom Kit, G1-R15 - Handle Kit, G1-R16 - Capstan Kit, G1-R17 - Hardware Kit, G1-R18 - Monopod Adapt Kit, G1-R19 - Decal Kit, G1-R20 - Release Pins
  • Handheld, Cordless Puller
  • Constant pull force up to 600 lbs
  • Unload Poly Line In Seconds After A Pull - Line slides off tapered capstan when spool wall is removed, no need to reverse the drill
  • Pull 68% faster than manual pulling
  • Works most 18v-20v cordless drills
  • Adjustable boom - The 17” rotatable boom quickly adjusts to fit each job with 3 length positions to choose from. Extend the boom with 1" rigid conduit
  • Universal Pulling Head - One-size-fits-all pulling head attaches quickly to any size conduit from 1/2” - 4”

Get to Versi-Tugging

The Greenlee G1 Versi-Puller works with most 18V/20V max drills to exert a 1000-lb peak pull force and a constant pull force of up to 600 lbs.

Greenlee’s design features a tapered capstan that can handle up to a 1/2″ rope. When used to spool pulling line or mule tape, the capstan allows the spooled-up line to slide off in seconds without the need to throw the whole operation into reverse.

Many of the Greenlee G1 Versi-Puller’s features focus on ergonomics, safety, and production. The handle balances weight distribution and allows safe two-handed operation.

The universal pulling head attaches to 1/2″ to 4″ conduit and offers 5 different position settings for the best possible angle on each pull. A pivoting monopod attachment provides flexibility while alleviating prolonged lifting.

It also features an adjustable-length boom that reaches up to 10′ using 1″ rigid conduit as an extension so that you don’t have to pull on a ladder.

"We engineered and built G1 based on honest feedback from professionals. We learned being fast wasn’t only about pull speed. From setup and pulling to unspooling the line after – the entire process should be quicker than pulling by hand. Our design delivers that speed.”

—Adele Hendrix, product manager for Greenlee, Emerson

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