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Caulking, Sealants and Lubrication

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Fastening House specializes in providing construction and industrial contractors and sub-contractors with the tools, equipment, and supplies they need where, when, and how they need it.

Our product offering for caulking, sealing, and lubrication includes:

  • Adhesives
  • Foam Sealants and Dispensers
  • Firestopping
  • Electrical Insulating Sprays
  • Pipe Thread Sealants
  • Mineral Wool
  • Cutting Fluids and Lubricants
  • Cleaning and Decreasing

We work with leading manufacturers including:

  • Tremco is the global leading supplier of sealants, fire control solutions, and weatherproofing.
  • STI Firestop has been developing innovative solutions to provide protection in the event of a fire and stop the spread of smoke and toxic fumes for over two decades.
  • Powers Fasteners produces professional-grade sealants and fire-stoppers that adhere to metal, wood, concrete, masonry, and more.
  • Nuco has distinguished itself as the leader in silicone technology – offering strong and dependable paintable, silicone, and specialty sealants, polyurethane foams, epoxy sticks, and more.
  • GF Thompson (Masters) has been providing sealants, finishing products, pipe cleaners, and more for over six decades.
  • Walter Surface Technologies was founded in 1952. Its abrasive solutions are produced to the highest standards of quality – whether you’re grinding, cutting, blending, sanding, or finishing.
  • Bio-Circle, a division of Walter Surface Technologies, offers degreasing, cleaning, and lubricating products that improve the health and safety of workers.
  • 3M combines innovation, creativity, and technology for a number of industries, including building and construction.

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