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Suspension Systems

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Fastening House specializes in providing construction and industrial contractors and sub-contractors with the tools, equipment, and supplies they need where, when, and how they need it.

Our product offering for suspension systems includes:

  • Strut Channels
  • Strut Fittings
  • Pipe Hangers and Supports
  • Threaded Rods
  • Caddy Fasteners
  • Wire Rope Systems
  • Basket and Cable Trays

We work with leading manufacturers including:

  • Gripple was founded over thirty years ago to address an everyday problem: the cumbersome and frustrating way farmers were traditionally compelled to join fence wires. Today, its product offering includes fasteners, hangers, clips, and more.
  • Eaton’s B-Line conduit clamp makes installation easy. Its one-piece design means it attaches securely to a range of strut profiles.
  • LE Taylor has been serving customers across Canada since 1964 with full lines of pipe supports (including hangers, clamps, straps, attachments, shields, guides, and accessories), engineered products (including constant supports, variable springs, and sway struts and braces), and strut products (including channels, nuts, clamps, trolleys, fittings, and bases).
  • Commercial Roll Form is a leading North American supplier or roll-formed and electrical products. Its 125,000 square-foot manufacturing facility features top-of-the-line machinery and is ISO9001 certified.
  • Pentair’s CADDY fixing, fastening, and support products include bracing systems, hangers, supports, anchors, clips, and more.
  • 3M combines innovation, creativity, and technology for a number of industries, including building and construction.

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