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Southwire is an industry-leading manufacturer of wires, cables, and cords used to distribute electricity. Their products – including cable pullers and cutters, conduit benders, wire strippers, drivers, levellers, pliers, saws, testers, and more – are built for uncompromised durability, reliability, and performance.

For a limited time at Fastening House, you can get a FREE MAX PUNCH® Stainless Steel Large Die Set when you buy a MAX PUNCH® 1/2″-2” Set or a MAX PUNCH® 360 PRO 1/2″-2” Set – a retail value of $784.35!



Price: $1,310.99

  • Benefit from no hydraulics, ratcheting, or mess.
  • The tool features thread in/thread out removable draw studs, which have a universal fit to most common KO dies.
  • It’s rated to cut holes up to 4” in 10 gauge mild and stainless steel.

MAX PUNCH® 360 PRO 1/2″-2” SET

Part #MP360SDPROMAX PUNCH® 360 PRO 1/2"-2” SET

Price: $1,435.99

  • The 12-ton hydraulic knockout tool is built with a lightweight aluminum head that articulates a full 360 degrees, helping it fit in tighter spaces.
  • The quick pump action means faster knockouts.
  • Padded handles provide enhanced gripping comfort and control.
  • You can cut 4” holes in 12 gauge stainless steel.

MAX PUNCH® Stainless Steel Large Die Set

Part #MP03PROmaxpunch die set


Southwire’s MAX PUNCH Large Die Set – designed to be used specifically with Southwire’s MAX PUNCH tools – includes the heavy duty case, a 1 1/8 draw stud, and four cutting dies (2 1/2″-4”), which feature a unique 3-point cutting surface for cleaner, quicker, and easier cuts.

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*This promotion is valid until April 30th, 2017

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