The Kelson and Fastening House teams have many years of working together, resulting in a partnership committed to building and providing quality products to our clients. The dedication of service Fastening House has provided and still provides on our projects is among the highest in the industry.

-Mark Houston, Project Manager of Kelson Mechanical

The dedication of service Fastening House has continued to provide Kelson on our projects is among the highest in the industry. Kelson and the Fastening House team has many years of working together and a working partnership to build and provide what our clients all need: a high quality product on time and on budget.

-Darryl Downing, Purchasing Manager PENG of Kelson Mechanical

I have worked with Fastening House for 15 years. The service has always been exceptional, regardless of the location of the job. We have worked with them from Central Ontario all the way to James Bay. I like their one stop shop approach. It’s very rare you call and they don’t have something that will work for your requirements. From bolts to drinking water and many things between, they seem to be able to get almost anything you need. The Kelly Kabinet service they offer is an asset for any job, as it helps to maintain stock of everyday items without a lot of thinking and tracking.  Fastening House has done a great job of taking care of us and helping or guys perform.

-Tim Courvoisier, Electrical Operations Manager of North America Construction (1993) Ltd. (NAC Constructors Ltd.)

Fastening House’s Lancaster Road team (in Ottawa) has outdone themselves again. We’d like to thank them for locating and acquiring the fasteners we needed. It’s not always commonplace to see the kind of prompt delivery and complete service that seems to be the everyday routine at Fastening House.

-Joel Saikaley, Scheduler of Centennial Glass

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