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5 Actions You Can Take to Maximize On-Site Safety

November 3rd , 2017 | Bruce Dowie

The most important assets on any jobsite are the people, which is why safety always needs to be an integral part of your day-to-day operations. This...

Fastening House Teams up with Two Great Partners Milwaukee and Greenlee in Support of Ledcor’s Safety Appreciation Week

September 27th , 2017 | Bruce Dowie

Earlier in September, Fastening House worked with Ledcor Group, a diversified construction company with teams and projects across North America, to...

Choosing the Right Diamond Blade for Your Saw

August 17th , 2017 | Bruce Dowie

Having the diamond blade best suited for your saw can make all the difference. Match it well and you get a cost-effective, high-quality cut. Pairing...

New Look, Same Great Products and Services at Fastening House

August 9th , 2017 | Bruce Dowie

You might have noticed that Fastening House has a new look, but don’t worry—the products and services we’re known for providing (the ones that...

Common Material Management Challenges (and How You Can Solve Them)

July 14th , 2017 | Bruce Dowie

The right material management solution can boost labour productivity by anywhere from 4% to 12%, which is why properly managing materials is so...

Introducing CADDY’s Telescoping Strut Replacement (TSR-1220) [Video]

May 19th , 2017 | Bruce Dowie

CADDY is always looking to innovate, listening to its customers and designing solutions that respond to their needs. That’s precisely what CADDY...

How to Find the Right Abrasives for Your Metalworking Application

May 9th , 2017 | Bruce Dowie

Selecting the right abrasives for your metalworking applications can help you boost productivity, cut costs, and deliver higher quality results. But...

5 Essential Materials Management Tips to Help Contractors Boost On-Site Productivity

March 31st , 2017 | Bruce Dowie

The average construction worker spends 90 minutes every day looking for things like misplaced parts, tools, and equipment. That time can quickly add...

Are You Ready to Lower Your Installation Costs? Introducing Telescoping Strut Support Brackets and Replacements – CADDY’s Innovative Alternative for Trusted Support

February 16th , 2017 | Bruce Dowie

Strut channels are common sights on any jobsite, providing necessary support for electrical, mechanical, and ventilation components. But traditional...

5 Tips for Maximizing Jobsite Safety during the Winter

January 18th , 2017 | Bruce Dowie

Ready or not, winter is here – and it’s bringing with it the blowing snow, frigid winds, and freezing rain Canada has come to expect. For...

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