Maximize Labour Productivity on Your Jobsites for Even Better Results

Fastening House is about more than simply selling you a product. Our experts are ready to work with you, providing the tools, equipment, supplies, and services you need to increase productivity and improve results.

Kelly Inventory Management System

Kelly Kabinet is a managed, secure, and cost-effective service that keeps your people working by having what they need close at hand when they need it.

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Special Material Management

We are the experts in Special Material Management – creating a customized single-source solution for customers across all product verticals.

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Customized Kitting

Customized kitting brings all the products you need together in one place at one time, saving you and your team valuable time and resources.

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Fleet and Delivery

We serve customers throughout Ontario and across Canada. Our fleet has over 20 vehicles spread between our six branches, including two flatbed trucks.

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Tool Repair

We pride ourselves in being power tool specialists and support many of our major power tool manufacturers’ tool repair services and solutions.

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