Kabinet is a managed service that keeps your people working by having what they need close at hand when they need it. Together, we’ll assess your job and tailor a service schedule that fits your situation. We’ll provide you with a customized inventory list and make suggestions for adding and removing items, producing a quote based on your final selections.

Provided the quote meets your approval, we’ll work with you to determine the type of storage required for your location – whether a designated space you provide or a storage container supplied by us.

Options available include:

  • Standard Stationary Cabinets (6’H x 3’W x 15’’)
  • Rolling Cabinets (60’’W x 60’’H x 24’’)
  • Full-Size Sea Containers

We’ll arrange a set-up date to deliver and stock the Kelly Kabinet and provide you with your custom inventory stock sheet, which we’ll use during service to top up your Kelly Kabinet’s contents to pre-determined, desired levels. During your regularly scheduled service call, we’ll tidy your Kelly Kabinet and re-stock it (though only once you approve the re-stocking order). We can service your Kelly Kabinet once a week or once a month depending on your needs.

Are there items left over at the end of the job? No problem! We’ll accept Kelly Kabinet items for return with no re-stocking charge provided the boxes are full and in re-saleable condition.

kelly kabinet inventory system

What Items are Available with the Kelly Kabinet?

We stock thousands of items from fasteners to safety supplies to cutting tools and everything in between. If you need something not listed on our standard Kelly Kabinet stock sheet, just make note of it in the space provided and we’ll do our best to accommodate you! We’re committed to customizing your list to meet your needs.

What Does the Kelly Kabinet Inventory Management Service Cost?

With over 45 years of experience, we know that every job is different.  The Kelly Kabinet service is a value added solution we provide to job-sites across the province.    We organize your storage space and keep it clean, setting it up so your staff doesn’t have to. The cost of service is included in the Kelly Kabinet Inventory Maintenance System agreement.

kelly kabinet inventory system

Benefits of the Kelly Kabinet Inventory Management System

National Distribution

We have a 40,000 square-foot distribution centre headquartered in Vaughan, located just outside of Toronto. From there, we service branches in Mississauga, Ottawa, London, and Windsor and customers throughout Canada!

Enhanced Control

The Kelly Kabinet gives you physical control over your inventory. It can be secured and locked, and you control the keys. Any restocking orders will be approved by you for maximum transparency.

Increased Productivity

The Kelly Kabinet is more than just “a box to put stuff in.” It’s a managed service that keeps your people working by having what they need close at hand when and where they need it.

Streamlined Operations

Your Kelly Kabinet representative is there to facilitate any delivery to your location, not just the Kelly Kabinet. If you need something that isn’t a Kelly Kabinet item, just ask! If they can’t do it themselves, they’ll arrange it with our regular warehouse and delivery staff.

Controlled Costs

Think of us as an integral part of your team. We’ll produce the orders, fill them, deliver your inventory, and put everything away. This helps keep the job running and reduces workloads for your clerical on-site staff. Being able to return unused items for full credit ensures every dollar is accounted for and minimizes the cleanup needed at the end of a job.

With over 45 years of experience, we know that every job is different. Get the Kelly Kabinet’s Inventory Management System’s flexible, secure, and cost-effective solutions working for you!

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