Fast Trak range suspension systemTired of grappling with traditional suspension systems which are cost heavy and tedious to install?  Fastening House has the answer to your construction woes, with Gripple’s innovative Fast Trak range suspension system for electrical containment, HVAC and pipe work. A win-win for contractors, this system cuts installation time by over half and gives you more value for your money.

Fastening House carries a wide range of Fast Trak products, including trapeze bracket solutions that come pre-fabricated for ease of installation, and are optimized for smooth operation and adaptability to fit in tight spaces.

Ideal for installing cables, wires, ductwork and other mechanical components in tough to reach spaces, it’s safe to say that this equipment is essential for any construction crew.

The Fast Trak Product Range Includes:

Fast Trak   

Fast Trak




The system is installed up to six times faster than traditional suspension systems. Available pre-fabricated, it is also safer and eliminates the need to cut threaded rod or channel on site. Learn more about product specs here.

Butterfly Trapeze

Butterfly Trapeze

The Butterfly Trapeze is designed to improve the installation of plenum boxes and ductwork. It’s ideal for applications where space is tight because it eliminates the need for strut support. Read more about the product specifications here.

Fast Trak – Side Loading

Side Loading




The Side Loading bracket allows you to side load lightweight services. It can also be moved up and down the tracks to accommodate changes in position during installation. It comes with a safety lock to ensure security once the bracket and tracks are in place. Read more about the product specifications here.

Vibration Dampener

Vibration Dampener 

Made of rubber, the Vibration Dampener effectively reduces vibration by up to 68hz*. With easy tool-free installation, it’s also versatile enough to fit into multiple Gripple brackets, preventing contact between the duct and channels. Click here to view its product specifications.

Fast Trak Bracket Cover 

Bracket Cover




The cover is a simple ‘snap fit’ installation and doesn’t require tools for installation. It provides aesthetic appeal and protection by covering metal edges. Click here to view its product specifications.

J HookFast Trak – J Hook

The J Hook can be used to hold cables and VRF/condensate pipes, and it’s easy to use with quick connection to the Fast Trak track, and a couple of quick clicks to add more cables as needed. Click here to view its product specifications.

Fast Trak – Conduit Clamp

Conduit Clamp




Coming ready-to-use and pre-assembled with nuts and bolts, the Conduit Clamp is also compatible with rigid and EMT conduit. Learn more about product specifications here. –

The Bottom Line

Gripple’s Fast Trak suspension system is safer, faster to install, more aesthetically appealing and more cost-effective than traditional systems, ultimately helping business owners, designers, architects, and contractors drive efficiency and profitability.

To read the full case study, click here

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