Strut channels are common sights on any jobsite, providing necessary support for electrical, mechanical, and ventilation components. But traditional struts can come with their own unique set of headaches – whether that means needing to pre-cut them down to size, wrestle with them during installation, or store long lengths of strut when they’re not in use.

CADDY’s Telescoping Strut Replacements are an innovative alternative to traditional strut channels. They make on-site setups quicker by eliminating the need to handle and cut long lengths of strut to size, being engineered as telescoping brackets that extend to the desired length before being locked in place with snap-to-close, spring-retainer clips.

Keep reading to learn more about CADDY’s Telescoping Strut Replacements and the three benefits they can bring to your jobsite:

The Complete Lineup of Strut Solutions from CADDY

Contractors can choose from four styles of CADDY’s Telescoping Strut Replacements:

1. The Telescoping Strut Replacement lets you easily fasten to a threaded rod support without needing to handle loose parts.

CADDY ROD LOCK Telescoping Strut Replacement
2. CADDY’s Telescoping Strut Replacement (No Nut) is engineered to attach directly to a wall for quick application.

2. CADDY’s Telescoping Strut Replacement (No Nut)

3. The Telescoping Strut Replacement (Retrofit) allows brackets to be installed using four CADDY SN Nuts on a threaded rod above existing trapezes, saving valuable time.

The Telescoping Strut Replacement

4. The CADDY ROD LOCK Telescoping Strut Replacement has been specifically designed for installation as part of pre-fabricated assemblies ready to be set onto already-in-place rods. This makes them ideal for jobsites with special constraints or variabilities in the position of the threaded rod.

CADDY ROD LOCK Telescoping Strut Replacement

Hardware options complementing CADDY’s Telescoping Strut Replacements include two styles of nut:

1. The SN Series Nut (SN37) allows nuts to be side mounted to the threaded rod, making them well suited for retrofits by minimizing the need for threading. The SN37 is able to work with threads that have been slightly damaged or have burring, cutting installation time by as much as 50 percent.

The SN Series Nut (SN37)2. The SNSW Flanged Nut is also suited for retrofits. It can function as both a hex nut and flat washer, being wide enough to work with standard profiles, and is ready to be used right out of the box.

The SNSW Flanged Nut

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3 Ways CADDY’s Telescoping Strut Replacements Can Benefit You on the Job

1.  Streamline Installation

Your equipment needs to be simple and straightforward to install. CADDY’s Telescoping Strut Replacements deliver that ease of use with features like:

  • Standard profiles running the whole length of the part, enabling most standard fittings to be placed anywhere between rods.
  • Spring-steel retainer straps that lock into place manually for a tool-free installation.

Individual styles also feature unique characteristics that make installation easy. The CADDY ROD LOCK Telescoping Strut Replacement has a “push-to-install” design that lets contractors simply drive the threaded rod through the mounting hole to instantly hold it into position.

2. Maximize Efficiency

Boosting on-site efficiency is crucial, resulting in valuable savings of both material and labour. With CADDY’s new Telescoping Strut Replacements, you get benefits like pre-cut designs that make them easier to use and store right out of the box – no cutting sections required. CADDY’s solutions also allow conduit and pipe to be placed directly on the strut profile, saving vertical space in areas with restricted working room.

Other product-specific features include:

  • Captive threaded nuts (standard for CADDY’s Telescoping Strut Replacement, CADDY ROD LOCK Telescoping Strut Replacement, and Telescoping Strut Replacement (No Nut)) let you fasten to threaded rod supports without needing to deal with loose parts.
  • The Telescoping Strut Replacement (Retrofit) features slotted ends for maximum efficiency when working above existing trapeze installations.

Taking advantage of these innovative, built-in features will ensure your jobsite continues to operate smoothly.

3.  Simplify Integrations

Your project should run like a well-oiled machine – each component syncing harmoniously and working together to help produce the desired results.

With CADDY’s Telescoping Strut Replacements, you get:

  • Fittings that connect quickly and seamlessly, since the design of CADDY’s Telescoping Strut Replacements allows them to be placed virtually anywhere you need them.
  • Some solutions (the Telescoping Strut Replacement, CADDY ROD LOCK Telescoping Strut Replacement, and Telescoping Strut Replacement (Retrofit)) are designed without a double strut so they can be placed directly on a profile.

In the end, each feature and benefit – streamlined installations, maximum efficiency, and simplified integrations with CADDY’s Telescoping Strut Replacements – translates to real cost savings and makes it easier for you to tackle even the most complex projects with ease.

Do you want to learn more about CADDY’s Telescoping Strut Replacements or place an order? Contact Fastening House today!

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